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Required Non-Academic Competition

To register for this event, please download the application and email to Kyle Van Acker at

Coordinator: Kyle Van Acker



Registration Deadline: Friday March 1, 2024


Competition Objectives

  • Reinforce a refined cultural activity with rich American Indian history.

  • Strengthen existing archery programs at TCUs and stimulate new interest in the sport.

  • Showcase talent and skills.


Competition Rules

  1. The only permitted bows are Traditional bows (re-curve, long bow, etc.); no compounds or sights.

  2. Bows and arrows will not be provided onsite.

  3. Each team shall have at least one (1) coach.

  4. Teams shall have four (4) shooters to qualify for Men’s and Women’s team awards. There will also be Men and Women Individual high score awards. If a college does not have four (4) men or four (4) women to complete, there can be an option for a team with a mixture of men and women to be a four (4) person team and compete in the Men’s category.

  5. A college that has less than a four (4) person team shall have the three (3) or less archers compete in the individual Men’s or Women’s bracket.

  6. Registration forms shall be submitted to the archery coordinator one week prior to the coach’s meeting the evening before the competition.

  7. Line Infractions: In each round, first time line violations will get a warning and the second time, a disqualification.

  8. There will be a practice time thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of shooting. Once competition starts archers will begin to shoot.

  9. Depending on the site and the year, each archer will only shoot a certain number of arrows per target. Shooters can only place the number of arrows in their quiver that are needed for each shot. Each shooter needs to bring their own traditional bow and five to ten (5-10) arrows. All arrows should be marked by individual archer with initials. The maximum diameter of an arrow shaft will not exceed 9.3mm.

  10. Scoring: ten (10) points for bull’s-eye and inner ring, eight (8) for outer ring, and five

  11. (5) for body. When an arrow is on the borderline, a judge should be consulted, and the higher score will be awarded.

  12. Each shooter will be paired with another shooter from a different team, and they will be responsible for filling out each other’s score card. There will be judges available to answer any questions/settle disputes.

  13. Scores from each round will be combined for an Overall Score.

  14. All scorecards shall have the shooter’s name and school affiliation printed neatly and shall be signed by the shooter.

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