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Optional Competition

To register for this event, please download the application and email to Tyler Postma at

Coordinator: Tyler Postma

Registration Deadline: Friday March 1, 2024


Competition Objectives

​​AIHEC Cyber Competition introduces and encourages students to explore computer science and cybersecurity education disciplines and careers. Students will explore cybersecurity concepts, attack vectors, coding principles, ethics, and more through a series of cybersecurity challenges. This competition will include but is not limited to Capture the Flag (CTF), Jeopardy style, and other educational toolsets as determined by the host committee and lead coordinator.


Competition Rules

  • Teams shall have at least one (1) member, but no more than five (5) members. A Tribal College may enter more than one team. A team must represent no more than one Tribal College or University.

  • Every team must have an adult who is employed by the team’s academic institution, following the same exceptions outlined in the “Team/Institution relationship” section, who will act as the institution’s official liaison. They may solicit assistance or volunteers from their community as needed, but only the official school liaison is recognized by AIHEC Cyber Competition for the purposes of communication, discipline, and transmission of student data.

  • Teams will be supplied with:

a. Logins to the game engine for all eligible participants

b. Network access sufficient to complete the challenges and engage with the game engine.

c. A scoreboard identifying current team scores and rankings.

d. One table per team.

e. One laptop per team containing tools needed for the competition.

Game Modes

Capture the Flag (CTF)

The competition will be set up as a single-style CTF, where multiple teams attempt to hack a source and retrieve a single flag. In the single-style CTF, teams are not allowed to sabotage each other during this competition.


The competition may employ various aspects from the following categories:

  • Web exploitation: exploit the target machine using exploitation methods such as SQL injection, buffer overflow, and cross-site scripting.

  • Forensics: retrieve the flag hidden in different types of files that could have various academic topics and formats.


Single-Style Judging Criteria:

  • Points may be granted based on the following categories:

    1. Reconnaissance

    2. Scanning

    3. Gaining Access

    4. Maintaining Access

    5. Clearing Tracks

    6. Data Exfiltration

  • Teams must be able to demonstrate how each category was accomplished.

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