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Film Festival

To register for this event, please download the application and email to Raven Freebird at

Coordinator: Raven Freebird

Registration Deadline: Friday March 1, 2024


Competition Categories

  1. Director’s Award: Best overall film

  2. Best Photography/Cinematography

  3. Best Screen Writing and/or Plot

  4. Best Special Effects

  5. Best Animation

  6. Best Documentary/PSA

  7. Best Live Action Narrative

  8. Best Editing

  9. Audience Choice Award

  10. Best Lead Role


Competition Rules

  1. All TCU student directors shall meet AIHEC student conference criteria to participate in the event

  2. All films shall be fifteen (15) minutes or less to be eligible for inclusion in the film festival.

  3. TCU student films shall have been made between March 1 of the previous year and March 1 of the current year. Due by the deadline; late entries will be disqualified.

  4. Critical crew (director(s), editor(s), writer(s), camera crew, and technical crew) shall be currently registered at the time of the conference as TCU students and not faculty or staff or non-TCU students.

  5. Films that contain excessive violence, sexual material, or profanity will be determined if the work is appropriate for audiences. Culturally sensitive content will need to be approved by a relevant TCU or cultural expert.

  6. The Film Festival is open to all genres from documentary to drama to experimental to hybrid, but not limited to the previous genres.

  7. Each TCU student director shall bring a back-up copy of their film(s)



  • All films shall be uploaded onto YouTube, checked for​ errors, official form competed, and the link forwarded to the Film Festival Coordinator

  • A single TCU is allowed up to five (5) film entries.

  • A TCU student director is allowed up to three (3) film entries.

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