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Mr., Ms., and Mx AIHEC
Required Non-Academic Competition

To register for this event, please download the application and email to Lily Kuzmik at

Coordinator: Lily Kuzmik


Registration Deadline: Friday March 1, 2024


Competition Objectives

  • The AIHEC Student Congress created the Mr., Ms., and Mx. AIHEC Competition to showcase the character, leadership, and academic achievements of three select students from the Tribal College community.

  • The students selected by the judge’s panel will share the Tribal College Movement story and their personal experiences with others at meetings, conferences, pow- wows, and other community gatherings.

  • The Mr., Ms., and Mix AIHEC competition is set up to recognize outstanding tribal college students who will serve as ambassadors for 2024-2025.


Competition Rules

  1. The following will be considered by the judging panel:

    1. Scholarship: students’ academic record as well as their pursuit of research, advanced studies, and intellectual development.

    2. Culture: candidates’ cultural experiences, knowledge, and involvement within their college and community.

    3. Personal Visions: future goals and personal expectations.

    4. Community Service: service to their college and community

    5. AIHEC Knowledge: understanding of AIHEC and the entire Tribal College Movement, history, and future development.

    6. Presentation: speaking ability and overall personal presentation.

  2. Required Materials:

    1. Student applying for Mr., Ms., or Mx. AIHEC shall submit an unofficial transcript, two (2) letters of recommendation, resume, and a personal statement. The personal statement should detail the student’s past challenges and accomplishments, their current activities and status, and the student’s goals and vision for the future.

  3. Eligibility:

    1. Students shall be enrolled in at least nine (9) credit hours at their Tribal College, be in good academic standing, and have at least a 3.0 G.P.A to apply and retain the position of Mr., Ms., and Mx. AIHEC.

    2. Each Tribal College may only submit one (1) Mr. AIHEC, one (1) Ms. AIHEC, and one (1) Mx. AIHEC candidate.

  4. Process:

    1. All finalists shall be in attendance for an interview at the annual AIHEC Student Conference.

    2. The new Mr., Ms., and Mx.. AIHEC will be announced during the annual AIHEC Student Conference awards’ banquet.

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