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Things to Do in the Area

Things To Do

Get ready to walk, dance, shop, run, cheer - all day long

Explore Minneapolis the way it was meant to be explored – through multiple outfit changes. Throw on that jersey and cheer on your favorite sports teams. Bundle up and drink beer on a frozen lake. Bring your purple dancing shoes and find your way to the world famous First Ave. Realize you’re going to need more outfits?

Don’t worry - we have tax-free clothing. Whatever you do – just don’t pack lightly.

Minneapolis Events Calendar

Parades. Colorful Pride celebrations. Hot Chocolate Winter Runs. Improv Festivals. Pond hockey tournaments. Seasonal Beer Celebrations. There is no shortage of events happening in Minneapolis all year long. We are an extremely active community of artists, creators, musicians, foodies, dancers, runners & bikers – a community of doers that can’t stand the thought of missing out. With something always going on, we’re confident you’ll find something you won’t want to miss too.

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